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Imagine Me and You

Imgine Me & You
Piper Perabo, Lena Headey, Matthew Goode,
Darren Boyd and Celia Imrie

Rated: R 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: February 17, 2006 Released by: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Young well-to-do British characters are at the center of Imagine Me and You, a romantic comedy influenced by the likes of Love Actually and Four Weddings and A Funeral. It has a sweet vibe to it, and is cute with a little dolefulness, yet hardly goes beyond the occasional wit during conversation.

Ol Parker (Importance of Being Earnest) has an attractive cast at his disposal, including Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly), Lena Headey (Brothers Grimm), and Matthew Goode, currently in Woody Allen's Match Point.

Perabo is Rachel and Goode is Heck, as both have successful careers and a real nice flat and finally are having the wedding they want. During the walk down the aisle with her weird dad, rendered with shades of Christopher Walken by Anthony Head, a glance by Rachel has Headey's Luce (pronounced like "loose") becoming a part of Rachel and Heck's early married life.

Parker tries to appeal to the viewer's notion of love and attraction happening around these folks and what the families of Rachel and Luce (who runs a busy small-scale flower shop and provided the floral arrangements for the grand ceremony) are going through. Part of the problem is the connection of Rachel and Heck isn't as strong as the script should have established. Perabo is pretty and has a solid English accent and Goode plays a variation on his Match Point character needing to be oblivious to what's happening around him as Rachel and Luce have more opportunities to meet, from a dinner party to the floral shop, to a football match.

Headey elicits sympathetic as Luce who is getting hit on by Heck's womanizer of a best man Coop, done with some cockiness and naiviety by Darren Boyd. Some laughs are had during a fireworks celebration and at Luce's shop where she almost has to act as a therapist for some patrons. And some heart-to-hearts come into play with some running gags, as there is the precocious kid sister having a chat with Luce and a frustrated mother (Celia Imrie) wanting the best for her daughter.

Where the story goes has that overriding predictable factor with certain characters becoming more ennobled by the finish, and the big climactic scene that calls on a moment of making the roof of one's mouth sound like a cathedral. While Goode, looking like he has the goods of a new, charming Hugh Grant according to many, comes off the best here, and has a funny moment during the end credits on a plane.

Certain viewers will like the playfulness and longing that comes with the central relationship, as love-at-first-sight is the attractive quality that never becomes as insightful as it should. Perabo was in a more intimate and genuine film of romance and lust as a school girl in Lost and Delirious. And, the older Headey registers best in scenes with her single mother with their comments sparking more wisdom than the lack of imagination of Me and You, which gets its name from the opening lyric of the Turtles' "Happy Together."

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Imagine Me and You       C- C-     C-

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