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I Dreamed of Africa I Dreamed of Africa

After her terrific award winning performance in L.A. Confidential, Kim Basinger took her time coming back to the big screen.  She returns with a sprawling, picturesque and very slow moving film about Kuki Gallmann, a divorced woman living in Rome with her mother (Eva Marie Saint) and son Emanuel (Garrett Strommen).

She marries Paulo (Vincent Perez), a man who's longing for wide open spaces as much as she is.  They buy a ranch in Africa and are ill equipped to handle all of the problems that their new life throws their way.

Once there, everything isn't as rosy as the lush scenery: the ranch house is in horrible shape, wild animals feast off of Kuki's vegetable garden, poisonous snakes are everywhere and Paulo is off for days at a time hunting with his cronies.

Based on the life of Gallmann, a conservationist who still resides in Africa, Basinger is great as the passionate woman.  She shows every emotion dealing with each crisis that the exotic land demands, and she's believable throughout.

Set in Kenya, the scenery is beautiful.  After every disaster a long shot of a perfect mountain range is shown, as if to explain why these people put up with so much to stay and tough it out.

A lot of things happen to them, but the story is disconnected, so you don't get a full picture of their life together as a family.  In fact, I didn't realize that Kuki became a noted conservationist until the closing title, and that would have been interesting to know while following the story line.

I Dreamed of Africa

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