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The Hunted

The Hunted

The combination of Tommy Lee Jones and Benicio Del Toro leads one to think that The Hunted has great possibilities.  The reality of the issue is that almost all the possibilities were left unexamined.

Their story revolves around a Special Operations soldier from one of the United States military branches who has lost the ability to deal with his past and future assignments.  Add into the mix the trainer of said soldier and the story takes off.  Del Toro portrays a tortured soul as the soldier who is tired of killing, tired of running and unable to keep reality and flash backs in check.  Jones is the “specialist” who trains these soldiers in the art of stealth, survival and killing though he has never had to kill himself.

While the story has a good base, we never get to invest in the characters as we are shown them at the end of their cycle of life rather than seeing the causes and interaction prior to the story that actually lead to and influenced the story.  We come to know that the soldier has tried to contact his trainer only to have the letters diverted by the military and go unanswered.  As a result of his vicious assignments, the soldier begins to lose grasp of reality and starts to kill hunters as he views them as enemy “sweepers”.

Called in to lend a hand Jones soon discovers it was his trainee who has gone deep into the dark places we all have in our minds and is looking to gain absolution or peace via death.  Soon the film degrades into a Rambo type of film with plenty of action and no plot.  While much of the camera work is good, there is a scene with Jones suspended from a vine over a water fall that is so poorly done you can see the wires and know that blue screen technology is in place as the depth ratio is horribly off.

As in most films of this nature, the hero wins and the demented yet tortured soldier dies in a most predictable way.  What was missing here was the background.  How did this young man get to be who he is?  Why is Jones now in seclusion?  How did it come to enlisting Jones in the Hunt?  All questions that, if answered, could have given us characters to like, hate or simply mourn for.  What we ended up with was formula, cliché and boredom.

The Hunted

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