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Steve Martih plays a Boston architect who's been in love with his childhood sweetheart, played by Dana Delaney, for years.  He designs and builds a dream house for her, but she turns down his proposal, leaving him crushed.

Steve soon meets Gwen (Goldie Hawn) in a Hungarian restaurant where she works as a waitress.  After a one night stand, he tells her about his old girlfriend and the house he built in his hometown.  In need of a place to live, Gwen hops on the next Greyhound to find the house and move in.

She passes herself off to the locals as Steve's bride.  They're charmed by the refreshingly off-kilter Gwen, including Steve's parents, who think she's their new daughter-in-law.

Gwen has a vivid imagination, to say the least.  She tells so many stories she begins to believe them herself.  She makes up a romantic past for herself and Steve, and when she meets Dana, she invents a honeymoon that's a real tear-jerker.  This puts Steve in a whole new sympathetic light in Dana's eyes.  When Steve senses Dana's renewed interest in him, he goes along with the pretend marriage.

Goldie and Steve play well off each other.  She's the ageless kook and he's funny and confused as he tries to keep up with the charade.

There are some good supporting performances by Julie Harris as Steve's mom and Laurel Cronin as a bag lady whom Gwen passes off as her mother.  The story is lightweight, but the stars make this a fun outing.


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