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House Party 2

House Party 2
Christopher Reid, Christoper Martin, Iman, Tisha Campbell, D. Christopher Judge, Kamron and Full Force

Rated: R Due to Language.
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: October 23, 1991

Kid 'N Play, (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) cross the threshold from adolescence to adulthood as Kid, thanks to a scholarship from a local church, heads off for college and Play attempts to find a musical career. Kid has enough trouble with the new world of college but Play adds to the confusion by spending the college money to finance the cutting of a record. The college money goes and no record is made when Sheila (Iman) takes the money and runs.

Kid looses his girl (Tisha Campbell) to suave college junior (D. Christopher Judge) and rap star Kamron plays Kid's racially confusing roommate. Brian, Lucien and Paul Anthony George (Full Force) play Peewee, Stab and Zilla, three campus security officers who are more like the Three Stooges than security people. They're tough as nails. Grandmother is played by veteran actress Helen Martin. She is terrific on the screen.

There is little script and little drama. Kid goes to college, struggles with money, his girl, and his grades and eventually succeeds. On the way, the sound track is filled with music and the stars and the cast dance. Don't expect more than a light comedy about kids growing up.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
House Party 2  C   C                     C 

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