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House Calls

If you are in the mood to see a very funny movie, put an evening aside and see House Calls.

The plot is simple.  Walter Matthau, Charley Nickles, a doctor, is a new widower who, as he says, hasn't had a date since 1945.  Now that he is free he is making up for lost time.

When Glenda Jackson, Ann Atkinson, appears in his life, he finds her a companion as well as a lover.  The film revolves around their courtship, his fidelity to her and every possible comical situation imaginable.

Many comedy films have dead spots in between the fun.  House Calls keeps going from beginning to end.

Jackson and Matthau are helped by Richard Benjamin, Matthau's partner and Dr. Amos Willoughby, played by Art Carney.  Willoughby is senile and Chief of Staff at the local hospital.

Art Carney is excellent as the senile old doctor, while at the burial ceremony for his baseball friend he states, "Great innovators are only appreciated after death...well Harry, you're dead...and we appreciate it."

House Calls is pure fun.  It is well worth seeing.

House Calls

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