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Hostel: Part II

Hostel: Part II
Jay Hernandez, Bijou Phillips, Roger Bart, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Milan Knazko

Rated: R for sadistic scenes of torture and bloody violence, terror, nudity, sexual content, language and some drug content
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: June 8, 2007 Released by: Lions Gate Films

A little later this summer we will see Michael Moore's Sicko, but in Hostel: Part II we find a sick script by director Eli Roth that wallows in blood and torture of young woman. It is so ugly, I was embarrassed to be seen walking out of the film.

This time it starts with Paxton (Jay Hernandez) a remainder from the first film in fear of his life; he has good reason to fear and becomes part of a skull collection which we view later in the story. But mostly this is a story of three college girls who decide that Rome is no fun and take off for Slovakia. Why Slovakia? On top of that bad decision they determine that The Four Seasons Hotel is too tame and head for a Hostel. Bad idea.

The initial bloody dream turns to the passive but nude art class session where the girls are introduced. As they travel on a train toward their Hostel we watch them experiment with booze and drugs, as a prelude to their expected wild time in that great party country Slovakia. Bijou Phillips' Whitney is a wild child while Lauren German's Beth is rich and more conservative. Heather Matarazzo's Lorna is anxious to hook-up not having had many opportunities with guys in the past. She sails off down the river of no return.

Back home Stuart (Roger Bart - the pharmacist from "Desperate Housewives") is having breakfast with his warm little family taking milk from a carton with the face of a missing person on it. He and Todd (Richard Burgi also of "Desperate Housewives") get into a bidding war for Beth over the Internet winning with a bid over $60,000. The bids are from those who have enough money to buy the right to destroy the life of a sexy young woman who they transfer their anger to from past rejections.

If early on we see quaint pictures of neat small towns in Europe, the three quickly come up against the Bubble Gum Gang made up of wayward kids who do whatever to survive. The hint of things to come is contained in a Punch and Judy show with an axe not a stick. It's as if we are back in the dark ages in Central Europe and the monsters are back. The first torture carried out by henchmen and sick sexy semi-Vampira (Vera Jordanova) lets blood over everything from a hanging Lorna over a bed of candles.

Stewart and Todd discuss their mission on the way to the horror chambers they believe they are normal. There is an obsession but it's not for sex or sensual pleasure it's for killing the innocent who can't fight back including a kid from the Bubble Gum Gang.

If there is any relief from the tension of torture it comes when Stuart and Todd are suited up to look like sperm from a Woody Allen film as they enter the dark metal chambers filled with hammers, chisels and saws.

How we can find entertainment in the torture of young women escapes me, even when it comes from frustrated jerky guys, and worst when it is systematically organized by agents.

The one lesson Hostel: Part II gives us is stay at The Four Seasons.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Hostel: Part II D     C+       C-

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