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Hope Floats

Hope Floats, Sandra Bullock's new romantic drama, is an entertaining feel-good film.

She plays Birdee, a mother and former prom queen, who returns to her small Texas hometown after she discovers that her husband is cheating on her on a Jerry Springer type TV show.

Bullock spreads her acting wings here as she gets to display a wide range of emotions.  Her character is depressed, drunk, determined and perky - lucky for us, not all at the same time.

Nothing runs smoothly once Birdee moves in with her mother, however.  Old battles spring up between her and her quirky mother (played by classy Gena Rowlands) and her daughter Bernice misses her dad and blames Birdee for the split.  Mae Whitman plays the young girl and she's a remarkably gifted actress.

Harry Connick, Jr., as Birdee's unwelcome, yet persistent suitor, is irresistibly appealing.

Bullock, as the film's producer, probably decided to take charge of her career after last summer's disastrous Speed II.  She's very good as the vulnerable young woman dealing with complex issues.

Hope Floats works well because the characters are unusual, well defined and very interesting.  The story of a breakup is not new, but the acting, and romance that slowly evolves, are worth watching.

Hope Floats


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