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Honeymoon in Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas
Nicholas Cage, Sarah Jessica Parker and James Caan

Rated: PG-13  For language.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: August 28, 1992 Released by: New Line Cinema

Afraid of commitment and marriage, Jack (Nicholas Cage - Moonstruck) finally proposes to longtime girlfriend, Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) when she gives him an ultimatum. They fly to Las Vegas for a quick wedding and honeymoon.

While checking into the hotel, professional gambler Tommy Korman (James Caan, Misery) spots Betsy from across the casino and can't believe the resemblance to his beloved deceased wife. In order to meet Betsy, Tommy arranges to have Jack invited to a high-stakes poker game in his suite.

After Jack loses $65,000 to him, Tommy says he'll forget the debt and spare his kneecaps if Betsy will spend the weekend with him. To9 save Jack's life, she grudgingly agrees. Trying to win her affection, Tommy flies Betsy to his Hawaiian home, so he can dazzle her with his wealth and char.

The fun begins when a haggard Jack flies all over the county trying to catch up with them and win Betsy back.

Elvis Presley songs performed by different artists, including Willie Nelson and Billy Joel, make up the wonderful soundtrack, and some of the funniest parts of the film are when Elvis impersonators, who come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities, pass by imitating the "King".

Caan is great in the tough guy/charmer role and Cage is terrific as the confused, harried and in-love Jack; he's at his most appealing here.

Writer/director Andre Bergman (The Freshman and 1979s The In-laws) has come up with the funniest, most engaging movie of the summer.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Honeymoon in Vegas     A                     A 

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