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The Honeymooners

Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, Gabrielle Union,
Regina Hall, and Eric Stoltz

Rated: PG-13
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: June 10, 2005 Released by: Paramount Pictures Corporation

Cedric The Entertainer is no Ralph Kramden, though he is called Ralph and plays a part which is suggested to be based on the old CBS TV show "The Honeymooners," he plays his style of comedy and not hard edge soft heart of "The Great One" Jackie Gleason styled in the classic TV show. It doesn't begin with "and a way we go" and Ralph Kramden's famous line "to the moon Alice, to the moon," becomes a romantic flashback to Ralph's courtship Alice (Gabrielle Union).

Kramden who is a bus driver full of schemes and dreams and along with his sidekick Ed Norton (Mike Epps) who works in the sewers, he congers up money making ideas like buying and selling an old subway car, pet cactus, the Y2K survival kit and the silliest of all using a greyhound dog they find in a dumpster in races to get money.

The least imaginative part of the script comes from Eric Stoltz's William Davis who plans to purchase a block of land and turn it into condos, it contains a duplex which Kramden and Norton hope to purchase with Kramden living on the first floor and Norton on the second.

The two couples need $20,000 to purchase the duplex from a little old lady (Anne Pitoniak) but Ralph has squandered $5000 on his silly schemes. Along comes his mother-in-law (Carol Woods) who was a Golden Gloves champ in Vietnam, she hates Ralph (I guess that's standard for any comedy) but she is the couple's only hope, if she will lend them the down payment money.

John Leguizamo becomes the slippery trainer of the dog and irritates with an over-the-top performance, while Ralph actually succeeds to an extent which also is not faithful to the original premise in which Ralph always lost but Alice understood.

Even though Ralph uses the New York City bus as his own personal vehicle The Honeymooners is not worth the bus ride.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
The Honeymooners C             C

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