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Beau Ballinger, Kenneth Sears, Larissa Kasian, Bronston Delone, Vance Harvey and Galen Howard

Rated: No rating 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: January 13, 2008 Released by: Rhinomotion

The trip to an alternate world in 3037 may be real or an illusion, as the heroes from Earth carry a destructive devorga strain virus designed to destroy all human life on the new world. It appears to be a suicide mission designed to prevent a counter attack on Earth which could end life there.

There seems to be a hint that one or the other planet is the home planet which sent explorers to the alternate world which could make the inhabitants of each world related by ancient astronauts.

This science fiction film with few special effects reminds of the old TV series, the original "Outer Limits," which was more philosophical than action filled. Homeworld has that quality which keeps us guessing as the storyline slowly reveals itself. This script by Glen Settle probably would manifest more easily to a live audience from a stage. The mission which becomes a suicide event when the ship carrying the visitors crashes upon landing changes the tone and character of the challenges faced by the team.

The new Eden holds green spear like crystals which effect the actions of humans as they pop up and grow at various points in time. Characters are compromised and mirrors talk back, illusions place each visitor into locations and situations which appear real based on their experience, their fears and hopes.

Along with the mysterious and rather long-winded dialogue comes confusion as the characters travel and run through a wooded area of the new planet, probably more than necessary which leads me to assume the production would have fit better and be more interesting as a shorter TV film.

Homeworld offers a quiet evening and painstaking attention to follow to the conclusion, but staying with it may be rewarding.

  Frank Chris Jim Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Homeworld  B-                     B- 

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