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Home Alone

Home Alone
Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern and Catherine O'Hara

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: November 10, 1990 Released by:

For the first two-thirds Home Alone is a silly, boring, stupid comedy. It has the typical film brother who belches constantly while food is running down his chin. The forgotten child spends his time gawking at the camera with stupid faces. Parents who forget him at home at the beginning of their Christmas trip to Paris are unable to find anyone in Chicago to check the house and take care of the kid. The stretch is far beyond acceptance.

But on Christmas Eve, he wanders into a church where he makes a friend of his frightening elderly neighbor, destroys two burglars attempting to rob his house, decorates the Christmas tree and goes to bed wishing for the return of his family,

The relationship with his neighbor brings peace on Christmas. The burglars bring physical comedy to the film and the kid gets to you on Christmas morning. The last third of the movie is worth seeing, particularly for kids.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Home Alone  C   B-                     B- 

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