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Hollywood Ending

Hollywood Ending

Another Woody Allen comedy, where he plays a nervous hypochondriac - fancy that!  He's Val Waxman, a New York based film director who hasn't had a hit in years.

Then ex-wife Ellie (Tea Leoni) who's engaged to Galaxie Studio head Hal (Treat Williams), convinces her new love to hire down-on-his-luck Val to direct their next $60 million picture.

No sooner then Val chooses a Chinese cameraman (who speaks only Chinese, no less) and casts the film, which includes a feature role for his own much younger girlfriend (Debra Messing of Will and Grace doing her best trashy ditz take-off), he suffers psychosomatic blindness.

Desperate to have Val finish the film, his agent Al (I wonder why Allen give the male leads rhyming names: Val, Hal and Al?) talks him into hiding his ailment from the crew and studio heads.

They enlist the help of the cameraman's translator to secretly guide Val through his daily shoot.  The scenes where Val has to make decisions on lighting or set decoration or even walking into a room are quite funny.

Allen is a master of witty one-liners and Leoni does her best to keep pace with him.  Especially comical is a scene when the two meet at a bar to discuss the upcoming film project, and Val keeps changing the subject to accuse his ex of carrying on with Hal under his nose.  He even involves some of the other bar patrons in his elaborate carrying-on.

Hollywood Ending is not one of Allen's best, but it's filled with great dialogue, interesting characters, his usual fine musical sound track and it made me laugh.

Hollywood Ending

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