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Hey Arnold! The Movie

Hey Arnold! The Movie

In yet another move from the small screen, Nickelodeon has raised the low tech animation stakes with its release of Hey Arnold! The Movie.

This a familiar story of big business versus the little man.  It is familiar in the 2D animation style, the whole cast from the TV show and the feel good message delivered.

It seems that the very New York looking neighborhood in which Arnold and his grandparents live is up for a big time remodel into a huge shopping mall.  Disturbed by the event unfolding, Arnold enlists the help of this wonderfully multiethnic neighborhood and his friends to prevent the "evil" businessman Scheck from destroying what has been his life to date.

With an odd reference to All The Presidents Men, a secret character, Deep Voice, tips Arnold off to the fact that the very block they live on was involved in an important historical event.  As it is called, The Tomato Incident is reminiscent of the Boston Tea Party and could lead to the declaration of the block as a National  Historical area.  Problem is that the documents to prove this are missing.  Enter Deep Voice and you learn that the profit minded Scheck has them hidden away in his corporate headquarters / fortress.

The ongoing side story of the hidden love of tomboyish Helga for Arnold unfolds in a bit different fashion here as her father of Bob's Beepers has promised to buy her anything when his beeper store goes big time in the new mall.  What a dilemma Helga faces: tons of money or the boy she loves.  This is a very cute piece of the puzzle.

With the help of his friend Gerald and a very sexy gadget girl plus the history buff coroner, Arnold begins his attempt to secure the needed document from the well guarded company headquarters.  With some great references to Men In Black, Mission Impossible, Speed and even Godzilla this film moves at a nice pace even for adults.  My problem with the film is two fold.  Number one is the almost syrup coated story line; number two is the animated violence for what is truly a young target audience.

The wrap of the film while expected is done well and the kids loved it.  Parents might be advised to discuss the film after as some of the "stunts" may be attempted by their kids and the fist fight and bus crash could be a bit disturbing to younger children.

As always, make sure your popcorn is hot, your soda cold and look for me in the back row, three seats in.

Hey Arnold! The Movie

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