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Henry Winkler (Fonzi) followers will love Heros.  Others will find it a pretty good film.

Jim Dunn, Winkler, an escapee from a New York Veterans Hospital, is on his way to California to start a worm farm.  The farm is Jungle Jim's way of using up our garbage and creating healthy worms for fishing.  Jim carries his box of worms all across America.  On the way he meets Sally Fields, who can't decide whether to be married or break her engagement.

Heros is a serious comedy.  There are light moments such as the escape of Jim's worms at a diner and the subsequent three hundred dollar damage to the eating place which Carol, Fields, gets stuck paying.  Carol also saves Jim from a tight situation in an Oklahoma bar by driving her car through the bar, destroying and collapsing the building.

But the film is a study of problems which face veterans of our most recent war.  It becomes clear as the film reaches its climax that Jim has not accepted the reality of his last Viet Nam battle.  Carol offers hope for reality and balance as the film ends.

The scar of war is exhibited on Harrison Ford (Han Solo from Star Wars).  It limits his ability to drive in races on Sundays, his favorite past time, nor can he muster the courage to leave his Kansas farmhouse owned by his grandparents.  Ford is convincing as one who is continually living in an illusion of reality.

Fields and Winkler turn in fine performances rising above their simple TV characters.  Heros is worth seeing but parents should preview the film before youngsters (Fonzi fans) see it.  The Viet Nam battle scene may be too strong for some young people.


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