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Held Up Held Up

Try to imagine an action/comedy that's neither funny or lively and you'll have some idea of what it's like to sit through Jamie Foxx's new film.

He's driving through Arizona with his girlfriend (Nina Long, who is totally wasted in a nothing role).  While stopping for gas at a convenience store, they have a fight and she takes off on the back of a truck with a bunch of guys.  To make matters worse, his vintage car is stolen and he's left in the out of the way store with some strange customers.

The title comes from, yep you guessed it, the store is held up by three Mexicans.  Two of them take off with the money and leave the stranded gunman to take Foxx and the others as hostages.

Foxx is a likable, funny guy, so I kept waiting for this to be a short plot twist and the hold up would develop into something else that was amusing - but no such luck.  The entire movie takes place in the store.

The population of the entire town shows up to watch the bumbling sheriff and his deputies try to free the hostages.  They bring lawn chairs and barbecue grills to what must be the most exciting thing happening in their town.

The hostages are made up of: Foxx, a 12 year old boy playing video games, a young woman fighting with her boyfriend, a cowboy who is full of useless trivia, the store owner and the inept robber.  None of the characters are interesting and certainly not worth spending time with.

Held Up

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