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Heaven Heaven

The odd joining of Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi in Tom Tykwer's Italian-set thriller Heaven invokes elements of terrorism, guilt and love in ways that may remind some of the German director's hardly seen The Princess and the Warrior.   Know for his kinetic feeling in his pulsating Run Lola Run which starred an intense Franka Potente.

Tykwer's most unnerving sequence in Heaven has the young widow planting a bomb in the businessman's office only to have it moved, murdering four innocents.

Heaven shares some similarities with A.I. as that project had Steven Spielberg realizing the vision of the late Stanley Kubrick, fashioning a dark humanity that allured some, but maddened more.  Here, the story doesn't go for melodrama or tension in a traditional manner.  The solemn policeman sees this woman as a soul mate and their subsequent similar look of shaved heads will slowly come together at a Tuscan countryside.

Tykwer uses some sharp images and a couple of taut moments to compensate for a film with little energy to burn as he looks for the actors to be a mystical muse for the emotions brooding inside each other.

While Ribisi is a little better than expected as an Italian, Blanchett still commands attention in this artsy Heaven.  Still as terrorism is traced with an hypnotic quality, Blanchett has the ability to make one empathize as the unconscious ideologies begin to make this picture less fulfilling than what usually ignites ethereal romance.


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