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Sigourney Weaver's Max and Jennifer Love Hewitt's Page are a mother and daughter conwomen who use little more than sex to sting willing men who can't be loyal to one woman at a time.  But  the two men who are the target of their con steal the show.  Gene Hackman's William B. Tensy and Ray Liotta's Vinny provide comic punch lines as the two sexy women repeat the same scenes over and over again.

We are treated to views of Weaver in her underwear and Hewitt in short tight skirts, they look wonderful, but the screen writers gave director David Mirkin (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion) little to work with.  Great con films like The Sting build toward the climax with twists and challenges which we are not likely to anticipate.  Heartbreakers hides nothing; we can read the next scene long before it begins, with the exception of the last con which puts the film back on a winning track.

Despite the repetition, Heartbreakers makes us laugh and gawk at the two stars almost as much as Hackman's Tensy, the elderly head of a cigarette manufacturing company who spouts smoke through his yellow teeth, coughs up slime and can't understand the ban on smoking.  After all, as he says, his nine year old test group held up just fine.  Hackman's character steals scenes in a gifted comic performance.  The same is true of Liotta whose character understands that stealing and stripping cars is an honorable profession and the con work the two women perform is inappropriate.  Of course he was the first victim we see, but we know there were twelve husbands conned before the film began.

A little less on the sexy side with a more thought provoking script would have allowed Heartbreakers to fulfill its potential and we could have been treated to more unanticipated scenes like the last one with Anne Bancroft, who we all know has the knack of seducing young graduates.