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Head of State

Head of State

Chris Rock has really dome down to earth as a movie star over his last three projects, especially Bad Company.  In Head of State he re-teams with his former writing partner of his canceled HBO series, "Ali LeRoi".  The film's tag-line, "the only thing white is the house" suggests some amusing politics from the sharp comedian, but as director and star, he falls prey to pleasing Tinsel Town.

The Washington D.C. alderman, the Democratic Mays Gilliam, that Rock plays, lives for solving crises that occur in the gritty ninth Ward.  In no time, the casual-looking people's man has girlfriend Kim, a well-cast Robin Givens, sending him packing and Mays is ousted from his position after becoming a local hero.

Something unexpected happens and the Democrats choose Mays as their new presidential candidate.  The uncomplicated screenplay reveals the slippery party chairman from the Senate (James Rebhorn - Far From Heaven) wants to use Mays for his political aspirations against the current Vice President, Lewis (Nick Searcy), to be a front-runner in the next election.  Cliches with whites being hip-hop smart abound and smear tactics as Lewis, who notes being a cousin of
Sharon Stone (no cameo, however), professes, "God Bless America, and no place else."

There's some minor bits that go for some skewering of bipartisan humor put a contemporary spin on The Candidate.  In parlaying from more developed screenplays like Nurse Betty, in which Rock co-starred, the better interests of a comedy wouldn't have been a patsy to seriousness on the political front.

Head of State

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