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The Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion
Starring Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Tilly,
Don Knotts, Marsha Thomason

Eddie Murphy stars in this new comedy based on Disney's popular theme park attraction.

He plays Jim Evers, a real estate agent who owns a company with his wife Sarah (Marsha Thomason). They have two cute kids.

He's a workaholic, so when his wife gets a call from a mysterious man asking her to look at his house for a possible sale, he gladly detours from a family outing to take a quick look.

Jim promises the kids it will only take 20 minutes but when they drive up to the scary mansion, a sudden rain storm turns their short visit into a creepy weekend.

The mansion has all of the things to be expected in a haunted house. It comes with pictures that have moving eyes, cobwebbed walls, secret dark passages with things popping out and a very creepy butler, Mr. Ramsley, (played with great delight by Terance Stamp). There are also a bunch of ghosts who have taken up residence in the mansion.

The cemetery is conveniently located in the backyard and the ghost story revolves around Sarah and who she looks like. All the slapstick scaries don't entertain as much as the Abbot & Costello bump in the night films from the 40s.

The Haunted Mansion

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