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Hard Rain

You would think that an action film about a flood and a multi-million dollar heist would be exciting...right?  Think again!

Christian Slater stars as an amored car guard who, along with his cranky partner (Ed Asner), picks up $3 million from a local bank before a flood hits a small midwest town.

When their vehicle gets stuck in a ditch, they wait for the National Guard to save them, but a group of murderous thieves (headed by Morgan Freeman) shows up instead.  As the shooting starts, Slater escapes with the cash and the thugs persue.

The sheriff (Randy Quaid), recently voted out of office, is busy evacuating the town as his last official duty.  But he and his bumbling deputies soon join in the chase through the flooded town and, with millions on the line, it's every man for himself.

The action takes place in a boat or on jet skis while dodging objects floating in the waist high water.  The effects are well done, but the action becomes monotonous when repeated endlessly.  Also, because it's filmed at night with just the light from flashlights and with driving rain in the background, it's difficult to see who is shooting at whom.

Minnie Driver co-stars as a helpful church artisan and verteran Betty White is funny in a cameo as a lady who refused to leave town until she booby traps her home from looters.  This would have been a better story if her colorful character was the focus instead of the flood.

It is rated R for adult language and violence.

Hard Rain


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