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Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry
Sharito Copley, Danila Kozlovshy, and Haley Bennett

Rated: R  non-stop bloody brutal violence and mayhem, language throughout, sexual content/nudity and drug use.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: April 7, 2016 Released by: STX Entertainment

When a film is filled with so much violence, and blood as  Hardcore Henry it quickly becomes dull and provides no emotional impact. 

Even with the numbing violence which has no impact I suspect the folks who are fans of this type of film will be satisfied.  The film is filled with scenes from cameras which are placed on the head and face of the main character (Henry) and even though at times that style of jumping shaky images is uncomfortable to watch, here it works fine.  The film also has some interesting music which would not be expected to fill the soundtrack in a violent bloody film.  

The story told from Henry's point of view is projected as if the audience is watching the action through the eyes of the leading character.  That device has been used before.  One of the best films using that style is Lady In The Lake from 1947, from a Raymond Chandler novel, in which Robert Montgomery tells the story from his eyes as the main character.  He is only exposed in a scene through the image on a mirror.  

The other direction the film moves in is the creation of a cyborg cop or soldier to fight the battles for some evil doer.  It makes us think of Terminator or Robo Cop or more effectively if slightly different last year's Ex Machina.

The youthful writers of Henry may have skill, but it doesn't manifest itself in Hardcore Henry.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Matt Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Hardcore Henry  C-      C+         C            C 

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