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Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

A time traveling romantic tale that may recall Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour is Brad Anderson's spacey whimsically palatable Happy Accidents.

In Central Park where Marisa Tomei's Ruby and Vincent D'Onofrio's Sam Deed are about to be cosmically paired, following a backward narrative movement at the start with a car going into a previous shot and a grocery bag in flight.

Anderson finds an appealing prototype to gather in more symbolic whimsy that finds solace in Ruby's failures with lesser beaus with a serving of breakups taking place.  Ruby would seem to have gotten out of her lovesick rut but once her new man inhabits her place she sees something quite surreal about Mr. Deed.

So Ruby isn't the ideal judge of character and Sam's confession of his traveling back from 2470 works right into her fantasy world, treating the whole notion like a game.  Her girlfriends want Ruby to put his mug shot into the "ex-files."

While Happy Accidents probably overstays its welcome, the engaging presence of Tomei and D'Onofrio help carry a movie with plenty of science fiction as Anderson lets us experience Ruby's delusional emotions which perplexes Sam and the story as grab-bag as it may seem.

Sam has some interesting facts about what the complex world will be like and D'Onofrio is amiable, if psychotic; that can be the best thing for Ruby and the viewer in a fairly winsome series of vignettes that accidentally hypnotizes one into a puzzling, crazy devotion that seemingly makes Ruby's altered state not so idiosyncratic as a woman interrupted by time and space.

Happy Accidents

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