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  Half Baked

Half Baked is the type of film that doesn't have a chance.  The question is-How bad is it?  About as bad as it gets is the answer.

Four lost young men-Thurgood (Dave Chappelle), Scarface (Guillermo Diaz), Brian (Jim Breuer), and Kenny (Harland Williams) work at minimal jobs and smoke pot together through their hookah, nicknamed Bill Bong Thornton.

One evening Kenny is arrested for killing a diabetic police horse by feeding it junk food.  His bail is set at $100,000, a gigantic sum for his buddies to raise.

Thurgood discovers that he can get great government grown pot in the hospital where he works as a janitor and he and the others begin stealing the drug, marketing it and selling it to raise the bail.  While promoting this new venture. Thurgood falls in love with a girl (Rachel True-The Craft) named Mary Jane.

After a run in with the police and a drug dealer, Samson Simpson (Clarence Williams III), they somehow raise the money and get Kenny out on bail.

The format is to present all the characters in the silliest, most insulting and basic style possible.

It is rated R for adult language and brief nudity.

Half Baked


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