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A Guy Thing

A Guy Thing

Jason Lee's Hollywood status is described by one of the best movies he's been in, Chasing Amy, and in Lawrence Kasdan's Mumford with much charisma, but of late he's been a slacker having co-stared with Tom Green in Stealing Harvard and now in A Guy Thing.

From watching Chris Koch's wan comedy you wouldn't think that Lee is a talent at all if it's your first look at him.  His clean-cut Paul, who sells ad space for a hunting magazine, is motored around by a lazy, lame script and direction that more than matches it.  The supposed zany, romantic comedy has Paul about to marry yuppie Karen (Selma Blair of Legally Blonde), but ending up in bed, after a hula bachelor party, with Julia Stiles' Becky, who happens to be Karen's cousin.

Of course, A Guy Thing has to plod along with Paul and Becky keeping quiet about their night together and the flimsy way they come together leads to gags that detracts from what Koch and his team of writers have planned for their conflicted soon-to-be groom.  There are intimations of what succeeded for Meet the Parents and My Best Friend's Wedding, but it's unflatteringly rendered here, whipped into a duffer, so to speak.

By the time the snide minister (Larry Miller) has made his nuptial spiel it is certain that Lee would have preferred starring on "The Bachelor" than becoming less of a household name by suffering through a passion to freaks and freaking out.

A Guy Thing

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