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The Guru

The Guru

If The Guru had sustained the energy in its musical numbers through out the film its short release on the big screen would have been greatly enlarged.

The immigrant story revolves around Ramu (Jimi Mistry) who comes to America to seek his destiny as a performer in the movies.  His first audition finds him in a porn studio dancing in his underwear for Dwain (Michael McKean), a skin flick director.  His co-star Sharonna (Heather Graham) agrees to share philosophical advice in porn acting when he is unable to perform in front of the cameras.

Working with Lexi (Marisa Tomei), he breaks into the society crowd as the Sex Guru (a male Dr. Ruth) using Sharonna's secrets and grows into a sensation and becomes a rich man.  Of course the house of cards collapses as his better side wins over when he falls in love for real.

But The Guru too often finds itself more embarrassing than stimulating.  Even with an appealing ending in a red Mercedes and the well staged musical numbers (there are quite good) The Guru failed to sustain enough interest for anything more than a limited engagement on the big screen.

The Guru

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