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It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since Grease and its music was a part of our lives.

Paramount Pictures is hoping that a new flock of moviegoers will become die hard fans with this digitally enhanced re-release.

Olivia Newton-John as Sandy, John Travolta as Danny, her summer love, and the kids from Rydell High are a bit dated by today's standards, but it still stands the test of time.

Grease's music is infectious: Born to Hand Jive, Grease and Summer Nights are as good as I remembered.  It is surprising how easily the lively tunes come back to you, and you find yourself singing along.

Newton-John is a sweet and lovely Sandy and Travolta with cocky strut makes a memorable Danny.  It is easy to see why his charisma, in spite of a career slump, has continued to make him a popular star.

Although the teens had their problems, it shows a time that was much more carefree and innocent.  That is probably the reason why the Grease videos and record sales remain high.  It is still great fun.



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