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Gossip Gossip

Three smart, good looking college kids have much too much time on their hands, and they start a rumor to see how it will evolve.

Between their partying and drinking, Jones (Lena Headey), Travis (Norman Deedus) and Derrick (James Marsden), share a huge loft apartment off campus.  They add just enough lies to a true event to make it believable, and then sit back to enjoy the consequences.

A pretty, rich girl (Kate Hudson) shows up with her boyfriend at the same warehouse party as the three mischief makers.  From behind a bedroom door, Derrick spies on the couple.  She's had too much to drink, passes out and her boyfriend returns to the party.  But, Jones and her buddies spread the rumor that the couple had sex.  The girl can't remember what happened, believes the rumor and charges rape.

The young stars are very good.  Each has a distinct personality; Marsden as the cocky ladies man, Travis as an insecure, strange artist type and Headey as the girl who gets a conscience late in the game.  They are not likable people, but they hold your interest.

Veteran actor Edward James Olmos adds some class as a confident police detective and Eric Bogosian is just right as a smug professor.

The premise of out of control gossip is intriguing and the story kept me interested in how it would to turn out.


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