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A Goofy Movie

A Goofy Movie
Wallace Shawn, Jo Anne Worley and Pat Butrum

Rated: G 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: April 7, 1995 Released by: Walt Disney Pictures

Not a frantic film like the Roger Rabbit series, A Goofy Movie has plenty of cartoon action but it is disbursed between a quiet father and son relationship which could exit in any film.

The quality is about the same as the shot cartoon form of the 1940s. For the floppy eared character who was first seen in 1932 using the name of Dippy Dawg, this is his first full length feature. His biggest success was TV's Goof Troop which produced 78 episodes beginning in 1992.

Goofy is best when he is silly. Kids enjoy him most when he does something dumb like gulping down a squeeze toy which effects his speech, or when he drives his car zig zag in traffic and the load on top bends to the ground,

Wallace Shawn, Jo Anne Worley and Pat Butrum add their clever character voices to the soundtrack. Along with the character voices, the BeeGees' "Staying Alive" hit is performed by a new character who is called Big Foot.

The story revolves around little Max, Goofy's son, who fears he will grow up to be like his Goofy parent. He is particularly concerned when his voice begins to change and he automatically spits out "a-yup" just like his father. When Goofy wants to spend a vacation becoming closer to his young teen son, Max prefers to spend it with new girlfriend Roxanne. Goofy prevails and the two are off on their summer fishing trip. The outrageous situations that they become involved in could only happen in animation.

Parents with young children will enjoy this more than any other group, but anyone who can laugh at the silly antics of good ole Goofy will have a good time.

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A Goofy Movie  B                        B 

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