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Goodbye Lover

Patricia Arquette has the ability to carry out the exotic life of Sandra Dunmore, a young woman who is determined to have the good life.  This role is similar to her haunting abstract part in Lost Highway but the results are less satisfying.

Sandra is married to Jake (Dermot Mulroney) a less than successful brother to powerhouse business man Ben (Don Johnson).  Ben leads a high powered public relations agency. He is a pillar in his church and while playing the church organ he has sex with his sister-in-law Sandra.  Sandra is edgy and amoral; countering her is the sweet lovable Peggy Blane (Mary-Louise Parker) an associate in the PR firm.  Ben falls for the nice girl in the office. Sandra is unhappy with the turn of events and plots revenge.

The story turns and twists into multiple betrayals, none of which are dark enough to mirror the film noir genre of The Lady In The Lake, Farewell My Lovely or even The Hot Spot with Johnson. The initial plots hold promise but the introduction of Cop Rita Pompano (Ellen DeGeneres) marks the end of any creativity.  Along with her partner Crowley (Alex Rocco) they march all over any sense of reality and drama.  It appears the writers were melting the irreverence for life a-la Pulp Fiction with the plot of a traditional dark film.  The mix is less than the sum either can provide. The final twist is anticlimactic.

It is rated R for violence and sex.

Goodbye Lover


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