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The Goodbye Girl

Goodbye Girl is a solid comedy that everyone will find enjoyable.  Elliot, Richard Dreyfuss, finds Paula, Marsha Mason, and her daughter Lucy living in the New York apartment he has rented.

Paula is in no mood to let Elliot share the apartment but relents when he threatens to have her evicted.  The arrangement is for Elliot to use one room, Paula and her daughter Lucy, played by Quinn Cummings, the other.

Right from the beginning it's obvious the two will get together; how they get together and will it last are the two questions the film answers.  Paula mistrusts actors; her husband and her lover, both actors, left her alone with Lucy.  Trust in this new actor comes slowly, but surely.

Goodbye Girl is a warm and pleasant comedy with a little girl that steals the show.  Audiences will applaud at the film's end and laugh all the way from the beginning.

The Goodbye Girl

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