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Golden Gate

Golden Gate
Matt Dillon, Joan Chen and Bruno Kirby

Rated: R for limited sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: January 28, 1994 Released by: American Playhouse Theatrical Films

Does one event control an entire life? For FBI agent Kevin Walker (Mat Dillon) the contrived conviction of a Chinese American man in 1952 is his life controlling event.

I'm usually a sucker for movies about the 50's. The cars, clothes, night clubs and music fill me with nostalgia. The dark side is explored in Golden Gate. Because of the Communist threat groups of people were automatically suspect. One blanket preoccupation by the FBI was the Chinese Americans.

The haunting of Agent Walker begins immediately after the conviction when he sees a vision of the man's daughter and it is the daughter's voice (Joan Chen) who tells the story.

Joe Madden's direction is filled with Hitchcock type camera angles, ghostly dance scenes, and the images of college campuses in turmoil in the late 60s.

Walker's pain grows until he gives up everything to save Marilyn, the daughter.

The story is stretched when Waker's boss (Bruno Kirby) continues to place him on the case. Nonetheless, this haunting, dramatic and melodramatic film demands sympathy for its characters.

Chen and Dillon produce very credible performances as tragic lovers who cannot overcome the history they are a part of.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Golden Gate  B                        B 

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