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Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry
Going Up River

Starring: John Kerry, Douglas Brinkley, Max Cleland, Bestor Cram, Richard Holbrooke

Going Upriver follows Senator John Kerry’s military career in Viet Nam and his post Viet Nam activity opposing the war.

The release date of October 1, 2004 comes just as the Presidential Election is culminating and some will suspect the film is a propaganda film for the Kerry Presidential Campaign. It’s better than that narrow definition.

The story follows Kerry in Viet Nam as he engages in military action and later as he speaks at anti-war rallies and before the United States Senate. But it doesn’t necessarily deal with one American soldier and veteran, it brings all of us back to the difficult times Americans faced when we were divided over what should be done in Indo-China when we feared the domino theory of spreading Communism.

It reminds those who may have forgotten and those who do not know about the fight that Viet Nam veterans went through in their hearts during that war and afterward at home during the peace movement.

See this film not as a political film but one that brings to the screen a living history of a period of turmoil through the observation of one of the young warriors who today is close to leading a nation which is at war again with American’s split in their support and opposition to the war.

Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry

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