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Godzilla 2000 Godzilla 2000

In 1954 the original black and white Godzilla came to the United States.  Spawned by H bomb tests, the prehistoric monster came to life and trashed Tokyo before an "oxygen destroyer" doomed him.  Raymond Burr was the American reporter who described the destruction.

Now in 2000, with more than twenty films under his rubbery belt, Godzilla is back.  Unlike the slick lizard like sequel released two years ago, with spectacular special effects, this version has vintage special effects which only match the quality in the first version nearly fifty years ago.  The latex rubber suit is back with spikes as fins on his back.  They brighten up when he gets mad and spits fire at his enemies.  His cat eyes stare forward, his large yellow teeth gleam and he fights to save the World.

Presented in a tongue-in-cheek fashion, the dubbing is uneven and filled with uncomfortable translations.  A newspaper editor says "great Caesar's ghost" when he sees Godzilla; they speak of crap going through a goose as a metaphor for smoothness; and the girl reporter is called a bitch when she challenges her assigned role.

Godzilla is filled with obvious miniatures, water tanks filled with moving waves, and boats that don't move.  There are hundreds of reaction shots by the cast as they watch Godzilla destroy the city of Nemuro in Japan.

Godzilla is not presented in serious fashion; nothing looks real.  The GPN (Godzilla Prediction Network), a computer system that searches for Godzilla's next attack and the regeneration R-formula which is sought by an alien life form aroused from 6,000 years sleeping in the depths of the Japan trench take away more reality.  The battle between Godzilla and the alien looks remarkably like many of the other battles this latex suited character has entered into in the many sequels to the original.

Godzilla 2000 plays more for snickers and laughs than science fiction.

Godzilla 2000

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