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God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired of Us
Panther Bior, Daniel Abol Pach and John Bul Dau

Rated: PG  for thematic elements and some disturbing images
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: January 12, 2007 Released by: Newmarket Films

An inspiring, even heartbreaking documentary from Christopher Quinn is God Grew Tired of Us.

It looks at the innocent "lost boys" from Sudan who fled the Islamic terror of the Muslims after the attack in 1983, trudging over 1,000 miles of the Sahara wild (some only about 5 years old).

The focus is on three of some 12,000 who made it to a Kenyan refugee camp, having formed a brotherhood for over a decade. Panther Bior and Daniel Abol Pach were given immigration rights to Pittsburgh and John Bul Dau to Syracuse.

The cultural shock from these lads of the Dinka tribe affects them even not having been familiar with printouts and stapled sheets, like the stuff that comes with grocery markets and apartment life. Still, life in the U.S. has an isolated, even prejudicial quality that sometimes being considerate and caring can't overcome.

Nicole Kidman delivers the voiceover to provide an arc even as the source of relief assistance probably occurs off-camera. It's hard not to feel the conflict of making their relocation work, notably in the long run for themselves and their families as one ends up in a facility for the mentally ill.

God Grew Tired of Us is a triumph of the human spirit and being able to live one's dreams.

  Frank Chris Tony Jim Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
God Grew Tired of Us       A-       A-

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