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Gingerbread Man

Director, Robert Altman weaves a dark, mysterious trail for lawyer Rick Magruder (Kenneth Branagh) to follow when he becomes involved with a Savannah, Georgia waitress, Mallory Doss (Embeth Davidz).

Altman creates an atmosphere framed by an ominous hurricane and dark images of Spanish moss blowing and streaming from the Savannah trees.  The background is ideal as are the performances, but the film limps to the end after the climax and Altman cheats by producing dark scenes in which the action is difficult to discern.

Robert Downer, Jr. is a private eye who prefers to be with his many female acquaintances rather than digging into the facts of Mallory's relationship with her father (Robert Duvall).  Daryl Hannah is the legal assistant who quietly objects to Magruder's involvement with his young client.

The sultry sensuality of the mean season in Savannah, along with the dark cult group and some vary valuable land, provide the motivation and tapestry for The Gingerbread Man who cannot protect his children from harm.  Just  as The Gingerbread Man could not protect himself from the fox.

It is rated R for sex and violence.

Gingerbread Man


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