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Ghost Ship

Ghost Ship is not your usual Halloween horror movie.  This is a bit of a suspense and horror and even a bit if sci-fi rolled into one.  That is perhaps why it was doomed to mediocrity.  Had director Steve Beck chosen a single path to follow, included some character development and some real scares, Ghost Ship could easily have sailed to box office bucks.

We begin Ghost Ship with a bit of a flash back to 1962 when the ship Antonia Graza first earns its title name.  Now fast forward 40 years and you find a group of modern day pirates or as they are called today, salvage crew, being led to the Bering Straights - the key is that it is international waters.  Discovering this huge relic, all hands on this tiny by comparison salvage tug boat see huge dollar signs.  As this is truly a “finders, keepers” situation the crew begins to ready this huge and grand old ship for transport back to port.

With a diverse group of actors including Julianna Marguiles, Isiah Washington, Emily Browning and Gabriel Byrne plus many others there is surely talent to carry a story.  Problem is that there are very few scary moments in this film and few if any characters you actually get to know.  The only character you actually get to know is a ghost of a little girl named Katie (Emily Browning) who actually tells the story of this fated ship and all who board her.

Missing here is what I can best describe as "feel".  You know: the tight hallway in the building that is creepy even in the day; the parking garage when most of the lights are out; the footsteps behind you on an unlit street that seem ever closer; these are the spooky feeling generators we all know.  Even though the bulkheads and passageways of the ship are huge, they are not foreboding and just seem to need more light.

With all of this combined around a story of ship that is “managed” by a single collector of souls you find yourself wanting more, and by the end, happy that it is over.  In short, Ghost Ship fails to deliver any real scares, characters you actually care about or a story that is even partly developed.

Ghost Ship

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