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Get Smart

Get Smart
Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson, Alan Arkin, James Caan,
Bill Murray, Terence Stamp, Ken Davitian and Linsay Hollister

Rated: PG-13 
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: June 20, 2008 Released by: Warner Brothers

Get Smart is smarter than the TV show, so is Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell), he is in a comedy that has its moments even when it runs a little dry from time to time.

The opening scene displays the Warner Brothers logo in a bank safe mode which opens through sliding lock panels moving in a number of directions, next it's music from Abba followed by the familiar Get Smart theme. Also keeping with tradition Smart enters a telephone booth and drops down to CONTROL headquarters which is an impressive set.

Alan Arkin is The Chief who quickly ends up on his back thanks to Max, joining the CONTROL staff is Agent 23 played with a confidence of importance by Dwayne Johnson, along with a stunning Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 a capable agent who is no longer required to just make Max look good. Agent 13 (Bill Murray) has the tree assignment, he spends his time in a tree trunk observing through a knot hole. James Caan gets the nod as The President who finds himself cheering near the end. Max is helped out by two nerd inventors who provide a special Swiss army knife which helps and also ties up Smart with little arrows on a string.

The Chief won't allow Max to work in the field holding him in the CONTROL center to use his analysis skill which is against 99's desire to get out and do battle with KAOS. But some one pulls a Dick Cheney and the field agents are compromised and Smart is partnered with Hathaway's Agent 99 to do battle.

"Sorry about that Chief," finds its way into the script as does violent comedy with agent 23, and at times the comedy is far better than the TV series, it is also just as silly from time to time. Two scenes stand out, Max in an attempt to compete with Agent 99 who is dancing with a KAOS agent chooses a rather large woman in a blue dress as a dance partner, played with joyful dignity by Linsay Hollister. The two couples each take turns at dance steps challenging each other which appears like Gene Kelly vs. Fred Astaire on the dance floor until Smart lifts his large dancing partner over his head holding her as if she is floating in the air. Hollister's character walks off the floor with a smile of satisfaction toward the slender young women Max did not choose to dance with. The second involves an older woman who he expects to be his contact to secure a nuclear source, he asks for something hot at her bakery. Her response is to recommend hot from the oven buns. When he asks for something hotter, her response is to offer herself using the flower sacks in the back room which are quite comfortable.

While Terance Stamp is Siegfried, the bad guy, his side kick is Shatarker (Ken Davitian) of Borat fame, they end up in a man behind man scene.

With enough comical energy ending at the Walt Disney Concert Hall Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart gets to take a bow on stage, and it's deserved.

  Frank Chris Jim Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Get Smart  B   B-   B   A-   B   B-      B 

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