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The Fugitive

The Fugitive
Harrison Ford, Sela Ward and Tommy Lee Jones

Rated: PG-13 For violence.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: August 6, 1993 Released by: Warner Brothers

For four years during the 1960s, The Fugitive, starring David Janssen was one of the most popular shows on television. Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble searched week after week for the murderer of his wife, and ended with over 70 percent of America's television sets tuned in to see him finally clear his name.

Harrison Ford takes over the role of Kimble, a respected surgeon who comes home and finds his wife (played by Sela Ward of TV's Sisters) brutally killed. He struggles with a one-armed intruder, but has a hard time convincing the police that he didn't kill her himself. She had called 911 just before dying, and whispered her husband's name into the phone, which gives the police the last piece of evidence they need to charge him with her murder.

He's convicted and sentenced to death, but escapes when a train smashes into his prison bus. This is the most spectacular crash I've seen, the sight and sounds of crumbling, powerful steel spilling over the countryside in a twisted wreck is outstanding.

Deputy U.S. Marshall Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones) is in charge of his recapture and the chase takes them through dark woods, tunnels, storm drains, over a dizzying waterfall and through the streets of Chicago. The smart doctor stays one step ahead of Girard, always just leaving as the police arrive, as he looks for the one-armed man.

Ford is an ideal Kimble. His good-guy image and low-keyed, average looks make him very realistic as the innocent man trying to overcome unbelievable odds.

Director Andy Davis, director of last year's best action film, Under Seige, again works with Tommy Lee Jones as the antagonist. Jones' character starts out believing that Kimble's guilty, but slowly thinks that maybe the good doctor just might be telling the truth.

Jones gets better with each role, the gravity of every situation seems etched in his lined face. As a bad guy, there are few that can complete with him.

This is the best thriller of the year -- I'll even go one step further -- this is the best film so far this year. It's taut, tense exciting and has a terrific cast, and I can't wait to see it again!!!

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The Fugitive     A                     A 

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