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Fried Green Tomatoes

Jessica Tandy, from her nursing home, engages Kathy Bates with a story from the past which surfaces Bates' need to change her life and self perception.  The two stories which travel back and forth throughout the film highlight the love and friendship between two pairs of women and the strengths that develop from their relationship.

In the story from the thirties Mary Louise Parker and Mary Stuart Masterson become close friends following a tragedy which they share.  Masterson pulls away from society after the accident and lives free, gambling in the local gin joint and challenging the local male dominance.  Parker's marriage fails and the two open a cafe near the railroad station which serves barbecue and Fried Green Tomatoes.  Together they from a powerful force, helping each other through danger and tragedy.  Masterson is perfect as the free spirit who is not afraid to lead and challenge the status quo in the rural South of the thirties.  Parker is beautiful and sad, yet firm and strong.

Unlike Thelma and Louise who give up, these women, who lived in a society where women had no power or rights, carve out a place, demand and get respect.

The twists and turns of the 60 year old mystery hold Bates' attention and the free spirit of Masterson's character inspire her to change the direction of her own existence.

Laced with mystery and the challenges these women face both now and 60 years ago, Fanny Flagg's book is a well-adapted, well-acted comedy drama to be enjoyed by all.

Fried Green Tomatoes

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