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Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason

After Jason X, the Friday The 13th series comes down to earth with unconscious repercussions in the un-scary, but sometimes visually kinetic horror opus, Freddy vs. Jason.  This slasher melange of a sequel has more of a catch to it with Robert Englund as Freddy from Nightmare On Elm Street in dire need to sharpen his nails to bring a mordant fury back to the complacent living.  "Welcome to my world," he exclaims enthusiastically.

In a stupor fit for Satan with potential victims drug-induced to neutralize his murderous intentions, Freddy finds a way to enter into the thoughts of the wordless, unstoppable Jason Voorhees, last seen plummeting to another death in Camp Crystal lake.  But the scourge of Elm Street manages to get the machete man with a goalie-mask hiding his face to start another murderous onslaught of teens, first started by Jason in 1980.

Freddy is able to rise like the Phoenix from the new level of fright in his old Springwood stomping ground with plenty of saucy repression to unleash.  What makes him mad is that his potent pawn is slaying everyone that he wants to torture.

The premise gains some significance based on the affinity to the origins and fates of Freddy and Jason, especially the latter's portentous mother.  Director Ronny Yu has more action on his mind from the staging of sequences that begin to show a consipiracy motif amid the gore and cheap jolts.  Noted stuntman Ken Kirsinger plays Jason with relentless fervor.  Monica Keenan and Jason Ritter (son of Three's Company's Jack) are a frazzled, somewhat sympathetic brave teen couple caught up in the action.  And the screen debut of Kelly Rowland from "Destiny's Child" as a friend and possible victim has some vitality that just procrastinates the force of mind and body colliding in a protracted, climactic gore fest.

Freddy vs. Jason

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