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Frank & Lola

Frank & Lola
Michael Shannon, Imogen Poots, Justin Long, Rosanna Arquette and Michael Nyqvist

Rated: No rating 
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: December 9, 2016 Released by: Universal Studios, Inc.

A psychosexual modern noir might not have the aura of ambiguity on its side but with Michael Shannon (99 Homes, Midnight Special) leading the way, Matthew Ross has some sordid twists up his sleeve on a conventional road to redemption.

A sensual thriller that is Frank & Lola stars Shannon and Imogen Poots (Green Room, 28 Weeks Later) in the eponymous roles as a perfectionist of a Las Vegas chef and enigmatic aspiring fashion designer, much his junior, respectively, embarking on a harmful cohabitation.

Figuring in a tremulous orbit that may have echoes of Eyes Wide Shut and Fatal Attraction when it comes to love, desire, betrayal, and obsession are actors like Justin Long (as a wealthy entrepreneur), Rosanna Arquette as floozy mother and Michael Nyqvist as a Swedish businessman based out of Paris where one of the chief confrontations happens.

The title can be misleading as the actor of Taking Shelter and The Iceman is really the key protagonist in what is fueled by a deep envy, as well as skeletons in the closet that Poots at least manages for some reckless carnal advantage which could prompt double takes. But, given the events primed by these wild 'kids' Lola just isn't able to be shaded well enough by Ross.

So, it's Shannon to the rescue to make Frank & Lola the racy adult entertainment it was meant to be. Despite a loopy narrative with unusual if fantastically pat turnabouts that sifts the mystery as well as reality from a promising low-budgeted recipe for success.

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Frank & Lola        C+   C                  C+ 

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