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The Forsaken

The Forsaken

Blood, Breasts, Bedlam and Boredom are the mainstay for this new vampire film called The Forsaken.  One is left to ask how you can possibly kill a vampire movie.  The answer is a poor script, lack of commitment by the actors and a director that uses loud music and quick editing to get by.

The Forsaken has a plausible story line to follow, but it fails to do so.  In what seems to be a make it up as you go film director J.S. Cardone tries to bring new lore into this vampire tale, but never succeeds.

The story is one of a traveler named Sean (Kerr Smith) heading to Florida from LA to deliver a car and attend his sister's wedding.  While on route, Sean picks up a hitch hiker named Nick (Brendan Fehr) who is hunting a gang of vampires known as "blood letters".  Also along the way, they discover a fresh victim named Megan (Izabella Miko).  It turns out that the hunter has determined that vampires are infected with a virus and has found a way to keep it at bay until he can kill the vampire gang leader.  The virus theory is not a new one and in fact was done significantly better in the modernized vampire film Blade.

As you can see from the beginning, Sean ends up being infected when bitten by Megan.  Now all (three) parties have a common goal to kill the vampire leader before time runs out.  Intermixed are some scenes of blood and gore and, of course, breasts.  You will not believe the extremes gone to here to linger on bare breasts in a bath tub.

Now comes the real disappointment: the gang has four members - some gang.  Even more disappointment follows when Kit (Johnathon Schaech) the head vampire turns out to be boring!  The culmination of a battle on holy ground turns out to be a snooze fest and the special effects are not special at all.

If you want a good vampire film, choose from the following:  Interview with a Vampire, John Carpenter's Vampires, Blade or Near Dark.  This is one I would even miss on video.

The Forsaken

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