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Formula 51

Formula 51

In what appears to be advertised as an action film, Samuel L. Jackson, Meatloaf, Emily Mortimer and Robert Carlyle tell the tale of an unhappy “recreational” drug chemist's attempt to break his bonds with his “boss” and market a new designer drug to the highest bidder.

In short that is the story.  Jackson blows up his boss (Meatloaf) only to have him survive and hire a hit woman (Mortimer) to kill anyone who tries to buy the new drug formula and to bring formula and its creator back alive.

Jackson carries off a great ego here and wears a kilt nicely.  The most memorable part of the film is his creative use of a hotel lobby as a golf course and “bad guys” as balls.  Pity the action and inventiveness ends there.

In what is a 20 million dollar transaction, you will meet the weakest characters in the film as the buyers and their hired guns are dumb and pathetic.  The climax of most scenes always has something to do with bowel movements or some other anal malady.  Again, what a pity.

Blame director Ronny Yu and writer Stel Pavlou for reducing an interesting story to simply sight gags and potty humor.

There are few bright spots here, but Jackson is always commanding when on screen and Carlyle is funny as hell.  To capture the feel of this film, cross Die Hard and Pee Wee's Big Adventure while adding a bit of Animal House humor and you’d be very close.

While this is not great film, it is a watchable movie.

As always, keep the popcorn hot, soda cold and look for me in the back row three seats in.

Formula 51

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