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Tom Selleck plays Jon Aldrich and Don Ameche and Anne Jackson play his parents Harry and Mildred.  Harry has lost his memory except for his war time exploits in 1943.

Everything goes wrong for Jon Aldrich, his mother is hospitalized, his father burns down their mobile home, his obnoxious sister (Christine Ebersole) won't help, he has his fingers broken, his dog bites his foot, the FBI seizes his assets because he is suspected of stock fraud, his furniture is reposessed, his car is impounded, he loses his hearing in one car, nearly loses sight in his left eye, cracks a leg and loses part of his private parts.  Could this be funny?  Less would be funny.  The heaping on of every possible accident and problem creates a tedious repetition which dulls out very fast.  On top of the overblown script, the direction of the film takes an obnoxious turn when Aldrich and his sister attempt to help their parents commit suicide.

Tom Selleck has yet to carry a film successfully.  With Folks! he keeps his perfect record of failures.



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