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Matthew Modine, Nancy Travis and Max Pomeranc

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Linda  
Release date: June 2, 1995 Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

This family movie will capture your heart and thrill you with its wonderful depiction of man's best friend. Fluke is based on the bestselling novel written by James Herbert. It tells the story of Tom Johnson (Matthew Modine), a young husband and father whose untimely death leaves a large void in the lives of his wife Carol (Nancy Travis) and young son Brian (Max Pomeranc). They are gently brought back to life and a more spirited way of living by the healing presence of a young dog, Fluke, whose determination to join their household is truly uncanny.

Director Carol Carlei first read Fluke over 12 years ago when, after adopting a puppy, he began reading everything he could find about dogs. He fell in love with the story right away and wrote to the author immediately to discuss buying the film rights.

Carlei's delight in animals and his profound respect for the interdependence and relatedness of all living things is fully expressed in this beautiful film.

  Frank Chris Linda  Avg. 
Fluke        A   A 

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