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Demi Moore, Michael Caine, Joss Ackland and Lambert Wilson

Rated: PG-13 for brief strong language
Reviewed by: Jim  
Release date: March 28, 2008 Released by: Magnolia Pictures

This heist picture from Michael Radford (The Merchant of Venice) set in 1960 London, stars Demi Moore (Mr. Brooks) and Michael Caine (Sleuth) remembered in the genre for the late 60s flick The Italian Job.

After an opening sequence involving a diamond morphing from muck to ring placement, an interview of an aging woman (a heavily made-up Moore), Laura Quinn, of her success as a businesswoman.

Rewinding back to a period before the Swingin' 60s flourished where the power-minded Quinn was the only female executive at the London Diamonds Corporation. She keeps looking at the glass-covered ceilings as the men continue to attain senior status over her.

An ambitiously thoughtful Laura seems to have the answer to help the company's position with the Russians after a "blood diamond" issue surfaces after a hundred deaths at a South African mine.

Caine's Hobbs, clad in blue overalls as the long-time janitor nearing retirement, explains to Quinn that she is on the way out and wants her in on a diamond robbery he's planning.

Her reluctance and insecurities give way to acquiescing to the scheme, as she accesses the code to the vault. There is polish to the act itself as Hobbs has to elude being caught on the newly installed security cameras.

Radford works elegantly from an unadventurous script by Edward A. Anderson that tries to provide some pungency between Quinn and Hobbs. Flawless glistens somewhat in its deliberate nature to capture the period with a jazz-infused orchestra on the soundtrack. Quinn isn't as tough as similarly striking, chic woman opposite Michael Douglas will some vulnerability, and Caine does well rekindling his old, nostalgic work.

While some decent support by Joss Ackland as the CEO and Lambert Wilson as an insurance investigator, this ambitious film still hardly lives up to its name.

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Flawless        C+               C+ 

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