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First Love

First Love, despite some passionate scenes, is a very dull movie.  Elgin, William Katt, and Caroline, Susan Dey, are first lovers; well, not really first.  Caroline, according to Elgin, is the first to make it feel right.  Caroline, who is involved with an older man, thinks Elgin is very good but is far from her "First Love".

Where then does the "First Love" title come from.  It is Elgin's first true and real love; what the others were be doesn't say.

There might have been substance to the film.  Caroline's father committed suicide when she was fourteen; perhaps that accounts for her relationship with a man her father's age.  The point, however, is not pursued in the film.  Elgin's relationship with his friend's girlfriend, an insecure young woman looking for acceptance by offering to sleep with just about everyone, produces interesting moments, but not enough to save the film.

The story line is very simple.  Elgin falls in love with Caroline.  She falls in love with him.  She falls back in love with someone else and then back to Elgin.  He falls out of love with her.  If the story, doesn't sound like much, it isn't.

The film is rated R because Miss Dey spends part of her time in the film without clothing.

First Love

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