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First Daughter
First Daughter
Starring: Katie Holmes, Marc Blucas, Michael Keaton,
Margaret Colin, Lela Rochon Fuqua

Katie Holmes (The Wonder Boys) plays Samantha Mackenzie, the daughter of the U.S. President (Michael Keaton) and First Lady (Margaret Colin) in this sweet little romance.

Sam is heading off to school in far-away California, and her arrival is met with unwanted fanfare. She’s like nothing more than to blend in with the other students, however, when she arrives with her parents in a parade of limos, the school band strikes up “Hail To The Chief” when she steps out of the car, and Secret Service men shadow her every move.

Sam is an only child and has been in the political spotlight her whole life. She’s polite and well-behaved and dresses like a junior “Princess Margaret” which she is reminded of constantly by T.V. commentators who rank on her clothing. Trying to push the envelope a bit, she sneaks off with James (Marc Blucas) her dorm resident advisor.

Sam’s roomie is Mia, (Amerie Rogers), a flirty, popular teen who likes Sam, but resents some of the attention Sam gets on campus. Some of that attention turns into an embarrassment for her parents when Sam decides to rebel against her restrictive life and goes out partying.

Colin doesn’t have much to do as Sam’s mother, and seeing Keaton made me wonder where this wonderful actor has been hiding lately. He has some very tender moments with Sam that ring true.

Holmes is in almost every scene and she’s a joy to watch. Even though the story stretches credibility, she’s a good actress who can carry the film almost by herself.

Directed by Forrest Whitaker, First Daughter is a good film for the whole family to enjoy.

First Daughter

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