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Former football star Howie Long plays forest firefighter Jesse Graves in this action adventure film.

Graves is captain of a group of smoke jumpers in Wyoming who parachute into forest fires when they get out of control or inaccessible.

The story involves a forest fire that was deliberately set in order to cover up the escape of four inmates sent from a nearby penitentiary to fight the fire.

William Forsythe as a murderous thief, along with a couple of rapists and killers, dress as firefighters and hope to use the confusion of the fire to walk out of the forest as free men.  As a backup, they grab a pretty bird watcher (Suzy Amis) as a hostage.

The cons, however, don't count on Graves jumping in the midst of the fire to save them.

Director Dean Semler does a good job with the action scenes and the blazing fires are very realistic.

The script doesn't have a great deal of dialogue, which seems to suit its star.  Long isn't a good actor by any stretch of the imagination, but he is an impressive presence and he has an easy, likable manner.

Long appears to be at home with this genre and perhaps, with more experience, he can learn how to play with the big boys.

It is rated R for obscenities and violence.



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